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Give Kimmo the ‘C’

Posted: January 31, 2012 by fillmydelphia in Uncategorized

I know this isn’t the best highlight of Timonen, but if you youtube him, you get pages on pages of this.


Alright Homer, it’s the 2nd half of the season now. Time to stop screwin’ around. Everybody knows that Big Daddy Pronger isn’t going to make his return this year. Hell, most people are positive that he won’t lace ’em up again unless its a coaching position. But either way, it is time to throw that ‘C’ on somebody’s sweater, and Timmo Kimonen has earned this role. Even if its just for the rest of the season.

When is the last time a Stanley Cup winning team sent their alternate captains up to take the Cup out of Bettman’s greasy paws? You can’t win in this league if you don’t have leadership. Sure, the Philly Phaithful would love to see Giroux wearing the ‘C’ but the kid is too young and doesn’t have the same qualities of Kimmo. 44 has been around the block a few times. He was already a Captain in Nashville and at 36 years old, he definitely qualifies as a veteran. But not only does he have that older presence, but the guy was just an All Star for cryin’ out loud. He already has 31 points this season and he is 36, that’s just absurd for a defenseman.

There is no denying that Timonen is the leader of this team, so why not make it more official and give the guy the respect he deserves. First half of the season is over, and it was a great half. But now its time to start planning out that playoff push. 3 A’s isn’t going to get the job done. Give that little Finnish man the team and he will lead us to greatness.

"C"immo Timonen


Why is Malkin so Filthy?

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We posted about a similar goal from Geno about a week ago, and now here is that crazy Russian bastard one more time just destroying any ounce of hope left for goaltenders in the league. And again, as a Flyers fan, this is hard to write because Malkin is pretty much public enemy #1. But seriously, how can you not give this guy all the respect in the world after this snipe show.

We’ll disregard the dancing into the zone from Malkin at the beginning of this play. Obviously the ASG doesn’t exhibit top-notch defending and it looked like Tim Thomas playing offense. Just super ugo but getting the job done. But then catching the give-and-go in his skates, tapping it to himself right in Hank’s breathing space and stuffing it upstairs? If Geno sees any glimpse of daylight, the puck is going to take the ladder up to the roof. It’s just so juicy, and for anyone who doesn’t have any ties with the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, it’s just not fair.

Soft mitts, dishes hits, pops zits and snipes tits… Malkin does it all. Word to the wise for tendies playing againt Geno, don’t bring your water bottles out to the net. They’re just going to get sniped off.

Drake Doesn’t Know What to do With His Hands

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Definitely not triplets

A lot of guys around the hockey world were not impressed with the NHL’s selection of Drake to perform at the ASG yesterday. Most of which were 30-50 year old white guys who still purchase CD’s and Walkmans. But I have to admit, the NHL did it live this time.

Drizzy is definitely going to bring in some television views. Anybody born after 1985 flipping through TV channels is going to stop on NBC Sports Network when they see Wheelchair Jimmy lighting up the ice. He’s Canadian too, which is a huge plus. And by the rocking-out of Tyler Seguin, you can tell the young guns at the game were hype about the choice.

The one thing I can knock on Drake’s day yesterday is his photo-opt troubles. What is going on here? In almost every picture, it looked like the kid went Rick Bobby and didn’t know what to do with his hands. This is hockey, Drake. The only time your hands should be up like that is if you’re about to bare knuckle dance with Chara. You can just tell that the Sedin twins were totally lost with Drake’s antics. The Yodeling Swedes had know idea who Drizzy was talking about when he was repeating “They know, they know, they know.” All I would ask for is that Drake would have a little respect for the danglers in the league instead of representing the enforcers 24/7.

P.S. – Next jersey purchase is definitely going to be this ’92 Drake All-Star sweater.

You Better Wear a Bib for the ASG, It’s Gonna Get Messy

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Say what you want about the All-Star Game, but the bottom line is that its an event that symbolizes everything we love about the sport. Sure, the fan voting and the Winter Classic may take away some of the popularity of the game, but this is going to be 3 periods of sauce-throwing at its finest.

Just look at the line pairings for todays game. Team Alfie’s top line is an exception with the 3 Sens together as always, but you put Stamkos and Giroux on a line together, you know you are gonna have to tie your jaw to your face so it isn’t dropping every shift. And then you put the blossoming sniper that is Logan Couture on the ice with them too? That’s just icing on the cake.

And then we have Scott Hartnell playing with Brothers Sedin. I’m gonna put my money on the line that Hartsy is going to show everybody that he is the long lost triplet in that family. You’re gonna get all different flavors of sauce with the Sedins, and then you’re gonna get chirps-galore with Hartnell. Snipes and Chirps for days.

It doesn’t get much better than All-Star Games. All about the offense, minimal regard to defense. If you’re a fan of seeing tendies get dusted, a fan of seeing 3 on 1’s for every rush, or just an all around dangle groupie, the ASG is the game for you. My one warning for all of you is to just not wear a white shirt. There’s going to be way too much sauce flying around with those juicy mitts, you wouldn’t want to ruin a fresh tee.

P.S. Kevin Weekes in a bow-tie is as swagged out as it gets. Greatest backup tendy there ever was.

Stamkos Gets Redemption, Chara is a Robot

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Before last night, the video above is the only video I needed to see to judge Stammer’s shoot out abilities. Don’t get me wrong, the kid has some of the softest mitts in the game, but when you take a spill like that you can’t be considered premium. But then last night Stamkos went out and totally redeemed himself in the Elimination Shoot Out contest at the Skills Comp.


Here is Stammer just being Stammer. The dude pulled every move in the book, and just sauced it up as hard as it gets. These are the moves that you try to pull at the end of open hockey and end up looking like a clown when the tendy just poke checks you back to center ice. Sure, the goalies at the skills competition are taking a little chill pill, but these moves by Stamkos were as pretty as it gets. Go out to your local rink this week and every single squirt out there at the beginning of practice is going to be dusting off their tendies Stamkos style. Stamkos just continuing the growth of the sauce in hockey. Gotta love it.

And just one quick note about Big Z hitting 108.8. This guy is as goon squad as it gets, and I highly doubt that you’ll ever see him in any “How To Skate” videos. But 108.8? That is just pure Eastern European Artificial Intelligence. Robot status and what is the most terrifying about this is that he is a robot that has been able to develop emotions. I dare you to find another robot who would be able to comprehend that Tyler Seguin needed a hug at the Fantasy Draft. Chara is Terminator, and Terminator is Chara.


Ear Pieces are for the Birds

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No earpieces? No Problem. Just Dangles

With Matt Hendrick’s latest severed ear raising questions and inducing vomit from females around the world, ear protection in helmets has become a concern. Now if anybody hasn’t seen these pictures yet, take a quick peek here.

Helmets come with a removable plastic piece that covers up the earholes. Now there isn’t much about USA Hockey that I can knock on, but this is one of those select few. USA Hockey rules do not allow players in youth hockey to remove the earpieces from their buckets. As if the top dogs at USA Hockey don’t know that these small plastic pieces take away a huge chunk of style points? That’s the thing right there, hockey players realize that they can protect their ears, but in the grand scheme of things an ear injury is worth the style points you automatically gain by taking out the plastic.

Patrick Kane, the guy is an icon and anybody who has scored an overtime goal to win the Stanley Cup will always be hockey history. But as great as this dangler is, his style is still hiccupped by his stubborness to take out the plastic ear protectors. If you had a checklist of things that separate the men from the boys (style points wise atleast) Patty Kane would have everything checked off besides these 2 small pieces of plastic. It’s a shame when ear protection could hinder a Sniper of this caliber from hockey style greatness.

What is this? Squirts?

 If there is one thing that we can take away from Hendricks’ injury, its that sometimes dedication to style can bring on a severed ear or two. But for the great ones, this is just a small price to play. There’s an old saying that goes, “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.” Let’s not take away the first part of this saying due to one minor injury.

Looks like you've seen some better days there, Brendan.

There have been very few trades so far this season in the NHL. All of which have been as uneventful as it gets. If you thought that Cammaleri for Bourque was anything close to a Blockbuster deal, its no wonder why Blockbuster is going out of business. And now Chicago decided to drop this news on us. Like hold the phone, Chicago. You went out and got Brendan Morrison? That would have been a great move, but its not 2002 anymore.

Chicago must be trying to emulate their division rival Red Wings here. Just putting together a roster of guys who should have been playing midnight men’s league 5 years ago. I’ll admit that Hossa is still going strong, but you can’t imagine the guy has more left in the tank. But now with Morrison in the lineup, that makes 6 players on Chicago that were born in the 70’s. The team probably goes out to the disco after big wins. Late night ragers until 10 pm.

Oh, and going the other way to Calgary will be Brian Connely. You don’t know who he is? Neither do we, but the guy wears #56 which means one thing… Bender squad for days.

Enough with the soft headlines NHL. No more ‘Blockbuster’ deals, I’m looking for that ‘HBO On Demand’ kind of trade.