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Legends of the Sauce: Eric Lindros

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Happy Birthday to the Great 88, Big E. ¬†When the man was on, he was on. Healthy Lindros was one of the most dominant human beings the league has ever seen, and that’s a fact. He had Gretzky’s mitts with Messier’s body. He was more of a hybrid than any shitty Toyota or Honda car will ever be. Sure, he never had the opportunity to achieve everything he could have but he still was a Hart Trophy winner and a 7 time All Star during his injury plagued career.

It pains me as a Flyers fan to say this, but if ‘Dros never came to Philly, you could make a very strong case that he coulda gone down as the Greatest. After he threw the middle finger up to Quebec real hard in the ’91 draft, he was shipped over to the City of Brotherly Love in exchange for basically an entire team. But with this, he was placed in the same division with seemingly every goon in the league. Playing 6 games a year against Scott Stevens and Darius Kasparitis would take a toll on everyone’s danglefests.

But concussions and differences with upper management aside, Lindros was a beast. He could stand you up at the blue line, power through the rest of the team while you were crawling your way back to the bench, and then stuff a beauty in the top corners without breaking a sweat. He had grit and he had grace. Again, he was the ultimate hybrid player and we are yet to see someone able to take over a game like he could. Anybody willing to argue for Ovechkin probably thinks that SportsCenter is a great source for hockey news.

Make no doubt about it, Eric Lindros is a Legend of the Sauce. Happy Birthday, 88.

Just a typical day for Fillmydelphia


Kaner’s Throwback Goal of the Week

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Throwback G of the week goes to Maxim Afinogenov. Talk about dancing eh? I don’t know whether or not this is just pure luck, or skill, but thinking back at the silky mitts Maxim had, the man has probably stuffed a few more home like this. Puts her through Dan Boyles’ legs and spins around his candy-ass, and just slams it home? Suck it Tampa Bay. Maxim is happy, Buffalo fans are happy, the announcer is really happy, and John Grahame is embarrassed. Good day.

Ps- I still love those old school Sabers jerseys. A lot of legends have rocked that bad boy.

32 Years and the Celly Goes On

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the difference between the blue line and a clothesline. The Miracle on Ice is still to this day the greatest sports moment in American history. I dare you to watch this video and not drop to a knee, grab some ice and throw it up in glory. No matter how many times you see it, you still get that urge to put on a pair of gloves just to launch them in the air when the clock hit 0:00. It’s incredible, hands down. Happy anniversary, danglers. Enjoy the day and ask yourselves one question. “Do you believe in Miracles?”

Legends of the Sauce: Henry Boucha

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George Parros?

Not exactly a household name here but make no mistake, Henry Boucha was a baller. He didn’t have the softest hands in the game and he was probably feared more because of his fists rather than his stick. But who said tough guys can throw a little sauce here or there?

Boucha only played 6 seasons in the NHL but he didn’t leave the league without getting his name in the record books. On January 28, 1973 Boucha scored a goal against Montreal just 6 seconds into the game. At the time, this was the quickest goal scored in league history. The record has been bested, but Boucha will still go down as a historic flow master.

It doesn’t even need to be mentioned but I’ll do it anyway. The trademark headband. Just look at that thing of glory. It’s bad to the bone and tops off that beautiful mane of hair to perfection. Now did Boucha toss the sauce on the reg? No. But was the occasional sauce he did throw worthy of a write up on Toe Drag? You better believe it.

Henry Boucha is a Legend of the Sauce. And you can run and tell that.

An Ode to Proclaimed Hockey

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"Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good"

If you are reading this right now and aren’t a member of Proclaimed Hockey Equipment Whores on Facebook, I highly suggest you get on that right away. The boys at Proclaimed now have their own website as well that you can visit at

Proclaimed Hockey is all about the beauty of the gear and the life of a rink rat. The best way to describe what they’re for is a nice little quote from the Facebook page. It’s for the people who “realize when somebody refers to a player as going tongues out it doesn’t mean he’s trying to be Michael Jordan.” It’s a place where stats hold value, but not more than a fresh pair of 4 rolls. If you have love for the game, you are going to have love for Proclaimed. There’s nothing like going on to a site full of 20,743 members who all share the same excitement as you when they see their favorite player wearing something new. Proclaimed seems like its a place for hockey players, by hockey players. And we at Toe Drag really dig that.

Now for some reason, the guys at Proclaimed don’t share the same love for us that we have for their gig. It’s an understandable thing because I’m sure they aren’t all about Toe Drag links going up on their site. But just like Proclaimed, we want to promote the hockey lifestyle and what better place to start than with those who celebrate it more than Teemu Selanne celebrated his 54th career goal. Give it a try, fellas. Maybe you’ll like us more than you think.

Eric Weinrich Murdered It

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Doesn't get much better.

We know that the guy probably won’t go down as one of the greatest defensemen of all time. That’s fine with us here at Toe Drag. Although for a blue liner, he had some pretty solid number, we aren’t going to remember Weinrich for his play. But you have to give credit where credit is due. Firm believer in that. And the yellow-tinted visor was the bee’s knees.

We’ve seen the chrome visor from Ovi, and the smokey visor from a couple different guys in the league. They all add a wow factor to a player’s appearance. But it’s ridiculous to think that anything could have topped Eric Weinrich’s swag. I don’t know what it was about that visor, but it was filth. Just a rare candy that we haven’t seen all too much in the NHL, and it worked to perfection.

This is one of those moments where Hockey Lifestyle trumps hockey stats. You won’t see any columnists talk about Eric Weinrich anymore unless the Portland Pirates win the Calder Cup. And that’s a fact. But when it comes to Hockey Lifestyle, one of the more mediocre players we have seen can become legendary. The man had a style, and he pulled it off. I’ll take that over a 15 goal season any day of the week.

Happy ‘Wear Your Favorite Hockey Jersey’ Day, Danglers

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Jersey Heaven at the NHL Store

This is a holiday that I like to celebrate atleast 4 days a week, every week. But on the day that is actually assigned to wear your favorite hockey jersey, it’s as exciting as christmas morning. This day of the year is set aside to allow me to do what I love most in the world. Go out in a fresh sweater and some sweatpants.

There are a couple ‘unoffical’ holidays in Hockey World that true fans celebrate the shit out of. The start of World Juniors on Dec. 26th, and Hockey Weekend Across America. Today’s holiday kicks off the weekend’s festivities, and if you aren’t wearing a hockey jersey right now, as soon as you are done reading this article go throw one on and start toyin’ around with a puck.

Hockey is not just a game, it’s a lifestyle. It doesn’t end when the 3rd period is over. Once you get off the ice, you owe it to the game that we all love to go about your day wearing your favorite jersey to spread the Dangle Cheer. I don’t care if you’re working on Wall Street, today your suit is going to have a last name and a number on the back of it.

Tough decision to make