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Welcome back snipers. Phoenix was the only team left that anybody could have any respect for. They were just a little ugly dog without a home. Nobody wants to adopt the dog that pisses and craps everywhere in the house, and that’s was Phoenix was until this year. But these scummers lead by scummer-king Shane Doan were putting on for their city, and finally somebody purchased the team. Ya gotta like that kind of story. But the remaining 3 teams left in the playoffs? Bunch of taints.

The people of Los Angeles, like they do with everything else, just thought that hockey was trendy when Gretzky was there. Once the Great One left, they thought it was out of style and let’s be honest, everybody knows that Hollywood residents don’t deserve a Stanley Cup parade, they deserve SARs or atleast a common cold.

How many fans can the Devils possibly have? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. New Jersey isn’t a real state. South Jersey sides with the Flyers, North sides with the Rangers. There is probably 5 square miles of that armpit that actually like the Devils. And as for the Rangers, don’t even get me started on those bastards. Mike Rupp can eat shit.

Last thing, do yourselves a favor and check out We Like Sports at it’s the offseason festivities of blogs.