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Flyers Fans: Nash Won’t Come so Shut Up Already

Posted: June 30, 2012 by fillmydelphia in Uncategorized

What a Bitch

If you know that the first faceoff of a hockey game is at center ice, then you know that Nash will not be a member of the Flyers next year, and most likely never in his career. If you can’t understand that concept, well then you should go out and get a hockey helmet to wear around off the ice. No matter what kind of deal the Flyers can throw at Columbus, it is up to Rick “Stash the Cash” Nash whether or not he wants to come to Philly or not. And homeboy already made it clear that he doesn’t care about winning the Cup and has not put Philadelphia on his list of potential destinations.

Tim Panaccio is a sly son-of-a-b and knows that by writing a thing or two about Nash coming to the Flyers, people will read and he will get paid. Starting rumors for the hell of it because he’s a desperate clown. So from now on, Rick Nash is public enemy numero uno, and T Panotch is a close runner up.


The LA Kings are your 2012 Stanley Cup champions. Sure, I’m just as disappointed as the next guy who isn’t a Kings fan and for this entire series, and I’ve been quite salty that I won’t get to enjoy a parade. But when all is said and done, it’s seeing the faces on all the players hoisting that cup that remind us what a great game it is that we play. If you’ve ever laced up the skates just one time, you’ve had the dream of holding that cup over your head at least once. For most of us, it seems like that dream was every night. And now, a group of guys get to live out that dream and a new group in the hockey tribe have achieved the ultimate prize. And it’s a beautiful thing regardless of what team it is that gets to enjoy it.

Congrats to the LA Kings and most importantly, congrats to the game of hockey. It was a great season and its sad to see it go. Just remember, the game is bigger than winners and losers. It’s the best game in the world and you can’t help but feel a million different emotions when you see that cup lifted and kissed. Keep on dangling day in and day out, because you never know when your last toe drag is going to be.

Now its on to the Draft and Free Agency. Let the games begin, bitches.