If Radulov Cared. A new segment.

Posted: July 3, 2012 by fillmydelphia in Uncategorized

Fugg It

Welcome to the first segment of “If Radulov Cared”. This segment will look at a player, coach, general manager, entire team, etc. who exemplifies everything that typical hockey critics despise, but what we here at Toe Drag Hockey thrive on. Players like Radulov just don’t give a shit about anything about making moneys and toe-dragging honeys. Sure, a bunch of assists each year are going to up your stock in the NHL over some period of time, but why set up the plays when you can be shelfing beauties and getting paid time-and-half in the KHL. You gotta respect the guy from realizing that sometimes, the dream just isn’t for everybody.

So it only makes sense that for the spotlight of today’s “If Radulov Cared”, we will take a moment to celebrate Alex Radulov’s complete disregard for the National Hockey League. We’ve all had the dream of making it to the NHL, and when Radulov turned that dream into reality, he bailed for “greener” pastures. Like a Boss.


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