Kaner is Back in the Building: Why this Free Agency is Boring

Posted: July 3, 2012 by kaner4 in Uncategorized

What up draggers? It’s been a while, but it’s about that time for us here at Toe Drag to pick this shit up again, so lets just jump right into it. This years free agency is about as entertaining as a Charlotte Bobcats game. Moves have been hard to come by, and that’s mainly because of two men. By now everyone and their mothers know who Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are, and what they are, are straight hockey fan boner killers. Now I understand that they are making life changing decisions, cause wherever these two beauts decide to play is basically gonna be their home for the majority of their career, but can you two speed this process up? Everyone is waiting on you two. I was so ready sit in front of my TV all day and listen to James Duthie and his terrible jokes as this madness ensued. Well that plan backfired. Nothing about this free agency has been entertaining, and as the rest of this day passes I can pretty much assure everyone that if Parise and Suter don’t decide which teams they want to play for by tonight, it is definitely not happening on the 4th. Parise will have more important things to do, like grillin’ some burgers and poundin’ a few brews with his buddies. So please gents, let’s make this decision by tonight, so we can blow up twitter.

By the way, my predictions for the two..

Parise – Pen’s or Wild, and I’m leaning more toward the Pen’s which sucks, cause him a Crosby are gonna be nasty

Suter- Detroit or Philly

PS – About a 10 % chance they go to the same team


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