Nicklas Grossmann is Gross, Man

Posted: July 3, 2012 by fillmydelphia in Uncategorized

More Flyers updates here. With Philadelphia picking up Luke Schenn via trade and Danny Syvret via Free Agency, it is time to look at the defensive unit as a whole. And we are talking about looks here people.

League-wide, it is commonly accepted that Anze Kopitar is the ugliest player in the NHL. Nothing against his mitts, dangles and wheels. But based on looks alone, Kopitar is standing in the corner by himself when he goes out to the bar before he puts on his name tag. (Obviously the ladies flock to him once they realize who he is). All of that aside, it seems that the Flyers are trying to emulate the Kings method for success by up-ing the ugly factor in the locker room.

Grossmann is someone to be feared. If your going 1-on-1 into the corner with him, it would be advised to just curl up and drop to the ice. But regardless, the dude is just terrible looking.



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