Happy 4th ya Draggers

Posted: July 4, 2012 by fillmydelphia in Uncategorized

America kicks ass, doesn’t it?  Today we celebrate the American soldiers 5-goaling the British Empire in the American Revolution. It is because of these old school danglers that we have the freedom today to stay out on the ice for an extra shift or 2, even when our coaches are screaming for us to get a line change. It is because of these danglers that we have the freedom to throw a beauty forehand-backhand top shelf and not have to worry about getting taxed for it. Needless today, without the signing of the Declaration, there could have been no Miracle on Ice and no Brian Leetch. And that shit would suck.

One of the most important contracts in the history of the world was signed on this date 236 years ago. Our great nation was picked up as a free agent from the British Empire, and boom, America signed a big ass, long term deal with no trade clause. To be honest, I really hope that Parise and Suter don’t make their decisions today because trying to out-do the contract America signed on July 4, 1776 is the impossible. Unless John Hancock himself is in the room with either of them to sign the contract, that shit should have to wait until tomorrow, at least doe.

So once again, Happy 4th you sons of bitches. Thanks so far for letting Toe Drag get to where it is today, and Let’s Gooooooo.



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