Fans Can Dangle Too

You may not be able to Toe this hard, but you sure can comment. Sorry Turco

Is there a player who is so silky smooth that you just have to talk about him? Is there a video that oozes so much sauce that you just have to post it? Is there just anything at all going on in your bauer that you just want to put it out there. Whatever it is, if you have something to say or something to share, just post it as a comment on this page. But before you hit the ENTER key, just remember, backcheckers are not welcome. We only need something to celly about, not a “how to become a well rounded hockey player” tutorial.

Dangle, Shoot, Celly

  1. mark sanchez says:

    this guy dangles harder than anyone on earth

  2. JBD says:

    Dude acts like he’s been there before

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