Flyers Win Danny Syvret Sweepstakes

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What a beaut

So far, this NHL Free Agency Period has been a tad boring. Players aren’t making decisions and insiders are hardly even trying to break rumors anymore. But finally, the Philadelphia Flyers have made an acquisition that is the Blockbuster deal of the summer. The “Broad Street Bullies” have signed D-Man Danny Syvret, bringing him back to the Flyers organization. The city couldn’t be happier.

Now that Syvret is inked up, it seems that the rest of the dominoes will fall into place. Teams and Free Agents have been waiting to see where Syvret would end up and just how much money he would accrue before they made any further decisions. Thankfully, with Flyers finally making this move, the rest of the Free Agency period will become the Frenzy that has been promised to the fans.

P.S. – With Danny Syvret manning the blue line, it appears that the Flyers are the clear favorites to win Lord Stanley’s Cup next season.


Flyers Fans: Nash Won’t Come so Shut Up Already

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What a Bitch

If you know that the first faceoff of a hockey game is at center ice, then you know that Nash will not be a member of the Flyers next year, and most likely never in his career. If you can’t understand that concept, well then you should go out and get a hockey helmet to wear around off the ice. No matter what kind of deal the Flyers can throw at Columbus, it is up to Rick “Stash the Cash” Nash whether or not he wants to come to Philly or not. And homeboy already made it clear that he doesn’t care about winning the Cup and has not put Philadelphia on his list of potential destinations.

Tim Panaccio is a sly son-of-a-b and knows that by writing a thing or two about Nash coming to the Flyers, people will read and he will get paid. Starting rumors for the hell of it because he’s a desperate clown. So from now on, Rick Nash is public enemy numero uno, and T Panotch is a close runner up.

The LA Kings are your 2012 Stanley Cup champions. Sure, I’m just as disappointed as the next guy who isn’t a Kings fan and for this entire series, and I’ve been quite salty that I won’t get to enjoy a parade. But when all is said and done, it’s seeing the faces on all the players hoisting that cup that remind us what a great game it is that we play. If you’ve ever laced up the skates just one time, you’ve had the dream of holding that cup over your head at least once. For most of us, it seems like that dream was every night. And now, a group of guys get to live out that dream and a new group in the hockey tribe have achieved the ultimate prize. And it’s a beautiful thing regardless of what team it is that gets to enjoy it.

Congrats to the LA Kings and most importantly, congrats to the game of hockey. It was a great season and its sad to see it go. Just remember, the game is bigger than winners and losers. It’s the best game in the world and you can’t help but feel a million different emotions when you see that cup lifted and kissed. Keep on dangling day in and day out, because you never know when your last toe drag is going to be.

Now its on to the Draft and Free Agency. Let the games begin, bitches.

Welcome back snipers. Phoenix was the only team left that anybody could have any respect for. They were just a little ugly dog without a home. Nobody wants to adopt the dog that pisses and craps everywhere in the house, and that’s was Phoenix was until this year. But these scummers lead by scummer-king Shane Doan were putting on for their city, and finally somebody purchased the team. Ya gotta like that kind of story. But the remaining 3 teams left in the playoffs? Bunch of taints.

The people of Los Angeles, like they do with everything else, just thought that hockey was trendy when Gretzky was there. Once the Great One left, they thought it was out of style and let’s be honest, everybody knows that Hollywood residents don’t deserve a Stanley Cup parade, they deserve SARs or atleast a common cold.

How many fans can the Devils possibly have? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. New Jersey isn’t a real state. South Jersey sides with the Flyers, North sides with the Rangers. There is probably 5 square miles of that armpit that actually like the Devils. And as for the Rangers, don’t even get me started on those bastards. Mike Rupp can eat shit.

Last thing, do yourselves a favor and check out We Like Sports at it’s the offseason festivities of blogs.

Legends of the Sauce: Eric Lindros

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Happy Birthday to the Great 88, Big E.  When the man was on, he was on. Healthy Lindros was one of the most dominant human beings the league has ever seen, and that’s a fact. He had Gretzky’s mitts with Messier’s body. He was more of a hybrid than any shitty Toyota or Honda car will ever be. Sure, he never had the opportunity to achieve everything he could have but he still was a Hart Trophy winner and a 7 time All Star during his injury plagued career.

It pains me as a Flyers fan to say this, but if ‘Dros never came to Philly, you could make a very strong case that he coulda gone down as the Greatest. After he threw the middle finger up to Quebec real hard in the ’91 draft, he was shipped over to the City of Brotherly Love in exchange for basically an entire team. But with this, he was placed in the same division with seemingly every goon in the league. Playing 6 games a year against Scott Stevens and Darius Kasparitis would take a toll on everyone’s danglefests.

But concussions and differences with upper management aside, Lindros was a beast. He could stand you up at the blue line, power through the rest of the team while you were crawling your way back to the bench, and then stuff a beauty in the top corners without breaking a sweat. He had grit and he had grace. Again, he was the ultimate hybrid player and we are yet to see someone able to take over a game like he could. Anybody willing to argue for Ovechkin probably thinks that SportsCenter is a great source for hockey news.

Make no doubt about it, Eric Lindros is a Legend of the Sauce. Happy Birthday, 88.

Just a typical day for Fillmydelphia

Kaner’s Throwback Goal of the Week

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Throwback G of the week goes to Maxim Afinogenov. Talk about dancing eh? I don’t know whether or not this is just pure luck, or skill, but thinking back at the silky mitts Maxim had, the man has probably stuffed a few more home like this. Puts her through Dan Boyles’ legs and spins around his candy-ass, and just slams it home? Suck it Tampa Bay. Maxim is happy, Buffalo fans are happy, the announcer is really happy, and John Grahame is embarrassed. Good day.

Ps- I still love those old school Sabers jerseys. A lot of legends have rocked that bad boy.

32 Years and the Celly Goes On

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the difference between the blue line and a clothesline. The Miracle on Ice is still to this day the greatest sports moment in American history. I dare you to watch this video and not drop to a knee, grab some ice and throw it up in glory. No matter how many times you see it, you still get that urge to put on a pair of gloves just to launch them in the air when the clock hit 0:00. It’s incredible, hands down. Happy anniversary, danglers. Enjoy the day and ask yourselves one question. “Do you believe in Miracles?”